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Join our VIP member now for monthly rewards!

We understand that every player contribute to the growth of our online casino, and to reward old/big player that are unable to financially sustain themselves after bad luck, our casino will pay monthly bonus/money directly to these VIP player.

We will give you pocket money every month even if you don't top up anymore (you can withdraw cash at any time). Without you, we wouldn't be here today. We hope that the relationship between us and you, our valuable players, is more than just that of a customer and a casino. When you are not doing well, we can give you a chance every month. If you win, we hope you can continue to play here. So this pocket money (VIP pool) can be collected every month without top-up (on the 1st of every month)

🔥 This bonus/money will have no turnover requirement and can be withdraw immediately.

🔥 VIP player that did not topup during the month will still be entitled for this monthly vip bonus.

🔥 The amount of this bonus/money will be based on vip pool. Eg , if the VIP POOL is RM 1,000,000 , and your level of vip is 5, and there are currently 200 Level 5 VIP, you will be entitled for RM1,000,000 x 3% = RM30,000 / 200 (level5VIP) = RM150

🔥 The higher the player VIP level, the % share from vip pool will be higher too and the number of player on same level will be lesser too

🔥 The point is calculated based on self turnover and downline 2 level turnover

🔥 Number of vip player at each level will only be updated once a day ( Around 12pm )

🔥 There will be no refund or cancellation once player is upgraded to VIP

Turnover Calculation
Cust. Self rolling 100k
Tier Percent (%) Point
Self 100% 1000
Tier 1 10% 100
Tier 2 5% 50

* Every 100 turnover = 1 point

VIP Pool Prize History

Datetime Amount

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Please check available bank before deposit, if deposit into deactivated bank we will process only after bank back to online.

存款前请确认银行是否启用, 若存入未启用银行金额将不被处理直到银行恢复启用。